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Growing Green Garden at Edgar P. Harney School

In mid-October of 2014, we started turning a school’s 4-year dream into reality – by partnering with ReThink to build a garden for the students of Edgar P. Harney School of Excellence. The young Garden Visionaries of their school wanted students to have curriculum tied to learning how to grow food and eat healthier. They… Read more »


NEW! Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to our very first newsletter. We first shared it (in English and in Vietnamese) when we formally introduced who VEGGI is and what we do, to regulars at our monthly food bank. Let us know what you think. Enjoy.    


Helping Hands

Happy Late New Year’s, everybody. It’s been cold on and off lately and our produce at the farm is shivering. Last week for three days, we had the help of fourteen students from the University of Berkeley, California. For the past four years, UC Berkeley students have come to learn about what we do by… Read more »



We’ve been on our relationship-building game this past weekend –  a Food for Black Thought (FBT) workshop with the young people of ReThink and Grow Dat Farm and a field trip with ReThink to Houma, Louisiana to be with the Houma Nation. Naya Jones of Austin and her partner Kevin briefly touched on the history… Read more »


Rethink x VEGGI Youth Food Justice Collective

  The weather is cooling down for fall but we’re just getting warmed up.. for bridging interracial gaps that is. We are beginning a collabo program with Rethink – 9 months of education on food justice with 14 young people, ranging in age from 12 to 22. Together, we will become stronger advocates by learning about the… Read more »

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    Lower 9th Ward Farmer’s Market

    The weekend comes and then goes so quickly, don’t you think? Not this past weekend but the one before, the turnout for our first-ever Lower 9th Ward Farmer’s Market was swingin’. It’s an event we have started and will continue to host in collaboration with the 9th Ward organizations of: Capstone, Lower 9th Ward Village and… Read more »

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    ‘Ăn Quả Nhớ Kẻ Trồng Cây’

    ‘Ăn Quả Nhớ Kẻ Trồng Cây’ = ‘When eating fruit, remember who planted the tree.’ In the middle of September, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival by having a little gathering at our HQ. We wanted to show our appreciation for our growers (and soy product-maker) and supporters from the community. Outside was gray and… Read more »

  • Yin to the Yang

    As of last month, VEGGI gained three new team members. Meet the ladies of VEGGI — Chika, Nam Thư and Victoria (C, V and NT from left to right above). Chika loves to laugh, and her joyful sound can be heard when she is working in the back of the farm all the way to… Read more »

  • Edibles of VEGGI in Edible New Orleans Magazine

    Hello all. It’s been a minute since our last update but we’ll be keeping you posted more regularly. Check it out – growers Chú Joseph and Bác Thanh are the smiling faces of VEGGI in Edible New Orleans‘s very first issue for spring 2014. Christy Lorio did a great job of capturing the reason for… Read more »

  • VEGGI featured in Wired Magazine!

    We are very excited to have been featured in Wired Magazine’s December 2013 issue. The December issue of Wired features Bill gates and Bill Clinton focusing on innovative ways to solve world problems. Our farmers are being recognized for using innovative ways to grow food and combat food desserts. We are also very excited about… Read more »

  • VEGGI Farmers Cooperative is on Good Eggs!

      We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Good Eggs to make our fresh local produce available to more New Orleans residents. Good Eggs is a service new to New Orleans where New Orleanians can order food from local purveyors and either pick them up or have them delivered to their home…. Read more »

  • Composting with Black Soldier Fly Larvae!

    We’re getting into some different techniques of composting here at VEGGI. This past week, we just received a shipment of black soldier fly larvae. These little critters will help us break down all kinds of compostable waste, even meat! Check out the pictures! Big thanks to David Nguyen for constructing the Black Soldier Fly compost… Read more »

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    VEGGI Completes New Farm

      A lot has happened in the short time since we last left off. It has been exciting at VEGGI Farmers Cooperative as we are transitioning into phase two of our plan, focusing on expanding from the backyard aquaponics systems to a larger commercial shared community farm site. We started off by identifying a one… Read more »

  • VEGGI’s Field Trip to Learn about Alternative Fuels

    Last week, VEGGI staff members took a field trip to the west bank of New Orleans and met with Eric Bucich of Cafe Hope and Elvia Chauvin of Two Acre Farms.  Eric showed us his farming operation which uses a similar sheet mulching technique that VEGGI is implementing on our farm site in New Orleans… Read more »


    Over the last few days, VEGGI staff members have begun building compost bins on their farm site in New Orleans East. Very soon, VEGGI hopes to start composting and take advantage of its benefits to continue to grow our produce. In addition to composting, the VEGGI team will utilize the “Sheet Mulching” technique to emulate… Read more »