Over the last few days, VEGGI staff members have begun building compost bins on their farm site in New Orleans East. Very soon, VEGGI hopes to start composting and take advantage of its benefits to continue to grow our produce. In addition to composting, the VEGGI team will utilize the “Sheet Mulching” technique to emulate natural soil structure. This requires the land to be flattened and then covered with a layer of cardboard in order to suppress weed growth and provide a base layer for the composted soil. On top of the composted soil will be another layer of mulch-like material, hence the name sheet mulching. By using this method, VEGGI will improve soil life and decrease soil erosion, eliminate soil contamination, improve plant health and growth, and eliminates┬áthe┬áneed to til the land. We are very excited to complete this project in the coming weeks and have our community site full of greens very soon.

Other projects we are working on include bio-diesel conversion and using solar power, as we look to lessen our carbon footprint and become fully environmentally sustainable.