Rethink x VEGGI Youth Food Justice Collective


The weather is cooling down for fall but we’re just getting warmed up.. for bridging interracial gaps that is. We are beginning a collabo program with Rethink – 9 months of education on food justice with 14 young people, ranging in age from 12 to 22. Together, we will become stronger advocates by learning about the food history of major ethnic groups in New Orleans, maintaining a plot on the VEGGI farm and forming our own solidarity economy.

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Yin to the Yang


As of last month, VEGGI gained three new team members. Meet the ladies of VEGGI — Chika, Nam Thư and Victoria (C, V and NT from left to right above).

Chika loves to laugh, and her joyful sound can be heard when she is working in the back of the farm all the way to the front. Chika is also employed with Rethink, and is the lead on our upcoming collabo youth food justice collective program.

Nam Thư speaks Spanish and helps us connect with the Latino community in New Orleans East. She’s into indigenous spirituality, creating homemade natural remedies and encourages mind/body/spirit balance at the office and in the field.

Victoria is the baby of the gang, but acts like a grandma. She documents most everything with her camera, enjoys writing and design-related work and talks a lot of smack.

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