Lower 9th Ward Farmer’s Market

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The weekend comes and then goes so quickly, don’t you think? Not this past weekend but the one before, the turnout for our first-ever Lower 9th Ward Farmer’s Market was swingin’. It’s an event we have started and will continue to host in collaboration with the 9th Ward organizations of: Capstone, Lower 9th Ward Village and SUA (Supporting Urban Agriculture). The goal is to improve health and access to healthy food according to community needs, through fresh produce and even through voter registration, health screenings, etc.

That day, the autumn weather was sunny and breezy. Beautiful wildflowers adorned the tents and folks enjoyed each other’s company, the food and music. Mack was on the seafood boil, serving up large shrimp caught by one of our former growers. Fair Grinds and VEGGI were on the tea sample grind, Capstone was on their honey kick and community members gave the vegetables of SUA and VEGGI a loving new home. There were also opportunities to register to vote, sign up to volunteer at a 9th Ward garden and try out acupuncture.

The Lower 9th Ward Farmer’s Market will be the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month now, at the 1205 block of Charbonnet St. Catch this weekend’s on Saturday, October 18 from 2-5 PM.


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‘Ăn Quả Nhớ Kẻ Trồng Cây’

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‘Ăn Quả Nhớ Kẻ Trồng Cây’ = ‘When eating fruit, remember who planted the tree.’

In the middle of September, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival by having a little gathering at our HQ. We wanted to show our appreciation for our growers (and soy product-maker) and supporters from the community. Outside was gray and rainy that evening but inside our office were all the good vibes.

The holiday is centered around giving thanks for harvest and crafting paper lanterns for the children. We upcycled plastic bottles to create fish lanterns and kids of all ages got creative with it. And over roast pig, homemade mooncake and a little beer, Daniel took us on a time trip to the beginning days of VEGGI. How the aquaponics systems were homegrown in our farmers’ backyards. How everyone on the team would smell after the chicken manure days at the farm. How everyone’s blood, sweat and tears brought VEGGI to where we are today. Each of our farmers and our tofu + soymilk maker was presented with a gift as a token of thanks at the end of night.

At the impromptu karaoke after party, we were blown away when the Vietnamese youth from VAYLA showed us up with their MC skills. Daniel and Khai were on the mic as well!


Photos by David.