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We’ve been on our relationship-building game this past weekend –  a Food for Black Thought (FBT) workshop with the young people of ReThink and Grow Dat Farm and a field trip with ReThink to Houma, Louisiana to be with the Houma Nation.

Naya Jones of Austin and her partner Kevin briefly touched on the history and importance of black food in their FBT workshop and it was the first time ReThink (our food justice collective) and Grow Dat Farm shared a space and got to connect with one another. Thursday night, we all convened at the VEGGI office. Friday night, we braved the (windy) elements at Grow Dat Farm’s creative HQ of shipping containers, right next to their farm. Through dinner and energizers on both days, the inquiring nature and critical thinking of the youth shined.

When ReThinkers and the food justice collective (fjc) went to Houma on Saturday, everyone participated in the 18th year of Houma Nation’s Elder Fest. We helped manage games that elders played to earn food prizes, such as fruit or bags of rice. It was great to see them being like kids. We then served lunch, and played group games with the Houma Nation youth. In our fjc, we opened up with ethnic food history lessons with Native American (Houma Nation), so engaging with them in a food-related fest brought it full circle.

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Remember the Native Americans who shared their bounty with new settlers and the more concealed story of many Native Americans who murdered through guns and germs (disease) by new settlers. Remember to Give Thanks to growers who labor to produce food so that you can enjoy it.