Growing Green Garden at Edgar P. Harney School

In mid-October of 2014, we started turning a school’s 4-year dream into reality – by partnering with ReThink to build a garden for the students of Edgar P. Harney School of Excellence. The young Garden Visionaries of their school wanted students to have curriculum tied to learning how to grow food and eat healthier. They now have an outdoor environment in their school backyard to do just that.

It took three days of construction to:

  • create 14 rows
  • dig a swale (depressed channel that collects and filters rainwater)
  • build a berm (mound that aids swale in water retention)
  • plant mustard greens and fava beans
  • set up drip irrigation

Our pet Bobcat broke down on our first day and we were fortunate to have the helping hands of many volunteers and Edgar P. Harney students. You should have seen the mountain of dirt and mulch (pictured when much more reduced). It took many wheelbarrows of dirt to make those planting rows, and many of mulch to fill the swale.

At the opening ceremony, students were introduced to their new garden and surveyed on what fruit trees they would like planted on the berm. They stepped out to the garden for the first time. The weather was nice, and questions grew in minds, just like the healthy fava beans and mustard greens that had come up.