Where to find our products after Good Eggs closure

With the closure of Good Eggs New Orleans, we’ve received lots of questions on where you can order our tofu, soy milk, and produce. We had these items on Good Eggs for over two years and we appreciate all the people who have used the online market to buy our products.

Currently, we have all our flavors of tofu at both Hollygrove Market & Farm and at the New Orleans Food Co-op. Our soy milk and other products can be bought directly from us at the Crescent City Farmers Market on Thursdays starting in a few weeks (Late Summer). Some of our produce items will be available at the New Orleans Food Co-op later in the year as well.

We also currently offer a weekly CSA box that includes all of our in-season products including the option for tofu and soy milk. Click on the CSA tab above to find out more.

We’d like to thank the people at Good Eggs who allowed us to be more accessible to many of our customers. Going forward, we hope that our customers will be able to find our products as easily as possible through our current markets and CSA.

Thank you for your continued support!