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We are beginning a series of blog posts to update you guys on what goes on with our farm operation. There will be a new blog post every month so come back to stay up to date on everything VEGGI!

Here’s our first post for September 2015:

no farm

Last season, the farm team began book club nights with Masanobu Fukuoka’s One-Straw Revolution. We studied his self-developed philosophy on agriculture. The goal is to work more closely with nature to grow food, instead of working to dominate nature.

Fukuoka called his practices ‘do nothing farming.’ It’s not that
you do no work in this style of farming – just that you rethink what work is necessary. After all, Nature grows food and balances itself without human intervention. It may take time to be become used to if you have always kept your garden or farm clean and tidy looking!


Some things we adopted are: no weeding, mulching, and broadcasting cover crop.

  • No Weeding

Weeding is unnecessary and time-consuming labor. Instead of uprooting weeds, we chop and then drop them. This maintains the soil’s environment of microorganisms, reduces soil erosion, leaves matter to build up the soil, and helps to retain water.   

  • Mulching

Mulch is organic material such as wood chips, fallen leaves, cut grass, chopped weeds. We mulch the base of new seedlings to help with water retention.

  • Broadcasting Cover Crop

Broadcasting means to take a handful of seed and toss to distribute. By combining these three steps, the task of planting cover crops such as buckwheat (flowers attract pollinators), cowpea (great nitrogen-fixer) and daikon (breaks up hard soil) can be made easier. Broadcast cover crop seeds and then chop and drop to mulch.

One of our goals this year is to improve our relationship to the Land. Our eggplant and okra have produced much to harvest, we don’t need to water as much, our soil is not exposed and does not erode away quickly, we are more observant of what grows naturally and grow things to compliment conditions.

By practicing no-farm farming, we have thus far found it to be beneficial. Give it a Try.


Victoria / “V”