VEGGI’s new Tea Square



This past month, Mei-ling Hom and David have been volunteering at the farm and working on their Tea Square project. Both are artists in residence and have done varied visual artwork about living organisms, often using biodegradable materials for agricultural art-related projects. They envisioned VEGGI experimenting in the tea niche, growing a local and culturally relevent product for community members and wanted to create a rest area to accompany it.

Last minute budget withdrawal called for improvisation and Mei-ling and David sold their artwork to raise money, and found many dumped materials to repurpose, such as palm log and untreated wood. Dash Lumber & Supply also kindly donated wood for this project. The tea plants should be ready to harvest from in 2 or 3 years time.

We really appreciate your hard work and contribution, Mei-ling and David! And thanks to Dash Lumber & Supply for donating the materials!