VEGGI Welcomes New Member

We’d like to welcome our newest member Jen Vo. Jen has a passion for growing and all things natural. She will help our whole cooperative grow and as a young person, will be able to learn a lot from our other members. Here she is describing herself and her connection with food and health:


My name is Jenifer Vo and I am a new team member here at Veggi Farm Cooperative. The following is a little introduction about myself. New Orleans is home, I was born and raised here. I graduated from the University of New Orleans with a bachelor in Business Administration. Growing up in my native community, Algiers, I’ve dove into the delicious wild taste buds of seafoods and drowned in sugary junk foods. As my mind and curiosity for life grew, I noticed my body and health were declining and I found myself in the hospital annually because of illnesses that left me puzzled. Staying active is essential to our health and that was already part of my daily lifestyle, so I thought I was healthy, but I was far from it. While doing self research on Google and Youtube, I came across mind cultivating information expressing the importance of the human body and its’ correlation to plants. I had no choice nor idea and that changing my eating habits would drastically improve my life. Like cutting out processed sugars and consuming more fruits and vegetables. By implementing the new profound ancient knowledge, I have manage to sustain a healthy body and mind. My passion is to revolve myself around vegetables and fruits and learn how to organically farm them. To be an advocate for health. The human body and Earth are sacred and we should take care of our homes.