Weekly CSA Box


VEGGI’s goal is to create jobs for community members through sustainable urban agriculture. The members in our cooperative are small farmers who take it upon themselves to grow fresh, natural, sustainably grown vegetables in an area that lacks access to healthy food. Our CSA program is an important piece in achieving our goals and helps support the ability of our farmers to grow food all year long. 

What is CSA?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture where consumers and farmers partner together for mutual benefit. It was introduced to the U.S. from Europe in the mid-1980s,  originating from Switzerland and Japan in the 1960s. CSAs have since gained momentum in recent years with over 400 CSA networks in the United States today.

In basic terms, CSAs consist of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation so that growers and consumers provide mutual support and share in the risks and benefits of food production. It is similar to shareholders who support a public company. Those who support the farm through the CSA allow farmers to overcome initial costs from season to season, and receive shares and “dividends” in the form of the farm’s harvest.


When you purchase our CSA box, you are directly investing in our growers and increasing demand for local food production. You are purchasing a share in our farm – putting trust in our growers for the season, increasing diversity of produce grown, and providing financial security for our growers.

Farmers spend a lot of resources preparing for each season, which includes buying seeds, equipment, and materials. Their livelihoods are dependent on the sale of produce throughout a season. Many factors come into play that may adversely affect their ability to make a living, including change in market demand, harsh weather, natural disasters, and other unforeseen circumstances. Your support helps the farmers overcome these factors by providing a consistent and reliable source of income.

Think of a CSA box as a cooking challenge. Whatever we are growing in season will be the produce that you can get creative with that week. It is different from choosing vegetables at a grocery store, where GMOs, long food miles, and preservatives allow vegetables to be available year-round, regardless of seasonality. You begin to have a better understanding of which vegetables match up with which seasons and how nature intended foods to pair up and complement each other.

How VEGGI’s CSA program works:

We currently offer two ways that you can support our farm: A seasonal subscription of 13 weeks, and individual boxes. A seasonal subscription would provide the consistent support that our farmers need, but we also want you to be able to try out an individual box to experience what a typical farm harvest would be.

Details on how to order the boxes are below:

We have 2 types of CSA boxes available:

  • Subscription (long-term relationship)  — $260 for 13 weeks. $20/box

These boxes will be delivered weekly for one season, a season being 13 weeks. You may decide to postpone a week if you need. You will still receive 13 boxes in total.

  • Individual (one night stand) — $25/box

These boxes are non-committal, single purchases.

We also partner with SUA (Supporting Urban Agriculture) an urban farm in the Lower 9th Ward, who may provide additional variety of products.

The weekly deadline for ordering individual boxes is Wednesday at 12 PM, Central Time (CT). We accept cash, check, and credit cards. Currently, we offer home deliveries to Orleans Parish (eastbank only).