Daniel Nguyễn is the project manager and is in charge of program and cooperative development for VEGGI. Daniel graduated from the University of California – San Diego with a degree in Biology. He has an intense interest in urban agriculture, including composting and black soldier fly decomposition. He facilitates the VEGGI board member meetings and provides language translation for the Vietnamese members. Daniel spread the word on aquaponics internationally to Vietnam and Cambodia with the help of Oxfam America.

Khai Nguyễn coordinates orders from the Vietnamese farmers and also handles public relations for VEGGI, including its social media presence. Khai graduated from Tulane University with a degree in Marketing. Khai grew up in Village de l’Est/Versailles, which got him interested in working in and serving the same community that helped shape him. He continues to work to create jobs for its community members.

Chika Kondo graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Society and Environment and Political Science. Before moving to New Orleans, she served as a training and sustainability director for Cal’s Alternative Breaks program where she coordinated and trained student leaders on building curriculum for service learning trips. She previously worked for the Lower 9th Ward Village as a community organizer and as assistant to Mack McClendon. Chika is humbly honored to work for Rethink and VEGGI Farmer’s Cooperative in launching its pilot youth Food Justice Collective.

Victoria Nguyễn is responsible for day-to-day accounting,  assists with project research, implementation and keeps the VEGGI blog updated. She graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Geography as well as Anthropology. Vietnamese backyard gardens were always a part of her life, growing up around elders as a child in Village de l’Est/Versailles. It was not until her last year as undergraduate that she became interested in gardens and her roots again, through a research project on backyard Vietnamese gardening. She loves picture-taking, designing and being the recycle/upcycle pusher.

Nam-Thư Trần  is the coordinator for VEGGI’s Health is Wealth program- a trilingual (Vietnamese, Spanish & English speaking) multi-generational space for community members to get active, explore creative strategies for actualizing healthy lifestyles and expand skills on how to cook culturally relevant healthy meals together. She also develops administrative systems, assists with social media and ongoing community projects. Nam-Thư was born and raised in Houston, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in psychology and Spanish. She loves learning about naturopathic and indigenous ways of healing and using traditional food and plant medicine to reclaim health and wellness.